5 Ways To Mismatched Floral Bridesmaid Robes Gracefully

In the past few years, bridesmaids dressing styles have evolved tremendously. The rule that the maids should wear similar robes no longer holds and today, they can mix up their robes with distinct colors, patterns, and fabrics to make wedding preparation more interesting and unique. Having mismatched attires highlights every bridesmaid personal style individually and this makes these women feel great about themselves. The following rules will make sure that floral robes for a bridal party look cohesive.

slideshow_image_11.Color shades

Different floral patterns are popular but it’s not easy to find ones that complement one another because color shades are limited by the designers. It is important to look at the various designs in daylight to see how they look and select the best combinations. To avoid conflicts among the bridesmaids, the bride should make an advanced selection of the best floral patterns.

2.Limit the choices

A bride should not allow limitless choices for her maids. She needs to make independent decisions without the ladies around her. She has the right to choose the colors and designs that she prefers. This will set the right pace and avoid confusion.

3.Similar length

The bridesmaids’ floral robes may have different designs but the hem length should be the same. It is difficult to come up with a consistent look when the robes have mixed hem lengths.

4.Choose robes for the wedding event only

A bride should disregard the idea of choosing robes that the maids will wear repeatedly after the wedding day. Truth is, even if a robe is as beautiful as heaven, the bridesmaids will always feel like they are on a bridal party even during their normal days.

5.Only two mismatched elements

There should only be two features that make the floral robes for a bridal party look different. Other features should be synonymous with each other.

Creating mismatched silhouettes with floral robes comes with several challenges. If they are not worn properly, they can bring about a disorganized bridal party. The above points should act as guidelines for the consistent dressing of the bridesmaids.


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