5 Ways To Mismatched Floral Bridesmaid Robes Gracefully

In the past few years, bridesmaids dressing styles have evolved tremendously. The rule that the maids should wear similar robes no longer holds and today, they can mix up their robes with distinct colors, patterns, and fabrics to make wedding preparation more interesting and unique. Having mismatched attires highlights every bridesmaid personal style individually and this makes these women feel great about themselves. The following rules will make sure that floral robes for a bridal party look cohesive.

slideshow_image_11.Color shades

Different floral patterns are popular but it’s not easy to find ones that complement one another because color shades are limited by the designers. It is important to look at the various designs in daylight to see how they look and select the best combinations. To avoid conflicts among the bridesmaids, the bride should make an advanced selection of the best floral patterns.

2.Limit the choices

A bride should not allow limitless choices for her maids. She needs to make independent decisions without the ladies around her. She has the right to choose the colors and designs that she prefers. This will set the right pace and avoid confusion.

3.Similar length

The bridesmaids’ floral robes may have different designs but the hem length should be the same. It is difficult to come up with a consistent look when the robes have mixed hem lengths.

4.Choose robes for the wedding event only

A bride should disregard the idea of choosing robes that the maids will wear repeatedly after the wedding day. Truth is, even if a robe is as beautiful as heaven, the bridesmaids will always feel like they are on a bridal party even during their normal days.

5.Only two mismatched elements

There should only be two features that make the floral robes for a bridal party look different. Other features should be synonymous with each other.

Creating mismatched silhouettes with floral robes comes with several challenges. If they are not worn properly, they can bring about a disorganized bridal party. The above points should act as guidelines for the consistent dressing of the bridesmaids.


A One Size Fits All White Lace Bridal Robe can Do the Magic in Wedding Preparation

If there is one thing that is really exhausting is preparing for a wedding. It is one of the greatest moments in one’s life – the day they unite with the love of their life. A dressing is one of the things you cannot gamble with if you want to have a successful, memorable wedding.

Present it as gift to your bridal party members

A bridal robe is one of the most gorgeous gifts you can offer to your bridal party members. It is a garment that can be worn in many events, not just weddings. It can be worn to hotel hamper session or spa day. You can even wear your bridal robe during your honeymoon. Thus, you can get ready for the wedding in style by getting a comfortable, luxurious bridal robe for the bridesmaid and every other woman taking part in the preparation for the wedding.


There are many types and styles of bridal robes out there, but the white lace bridal robe has gained a lot of popularity these days. White is the color of choice for most weddings and thus a white bridal robe is a good choice for most bridesmaids. For those who need something different out the white for weddings they can get a bridal robe of a different color but which has white lace. This is a garment that can be worn by the bridesmaid the days before and after the wedding.

Most online stores offer discounts when you purchase several units. Thus, if you order several units of white lace bridal robes, you are likely to save some few bucks. If you need something unique for your wedding, you can order custom made bridal robes. The popular custom designs include the name of the bride and the groom imprinted upon the bridal robe. If it is not possible to order the custom made robes, there are so many colors, styles, and designs online and you will definitely get something that will do the magic.

The size:

When purchasing wedding garments, one factor that troubles many people is the size. Brides are of different body sizes. It can be disappointing if you purchase a high-quality garment only to find that it does not fit the intended wearer. In order to overcome this problem, designers have come up with one size fits all white lace bridal robe and so you need not worry about the sizing.

How Do You Choose Your Bridal Lobe?


There is no wedding that can go on if the bridesmaids do not have the right attire. As the groom, you must ensure that everyone has what they need and that they feel comfortable. One great challenge that people go through when choosing the white lace bridal lobe is that, they do not know some of the key things they need to master. If you have the same problem, make sure you consider the following things to save yourself from the headache.

The price should be affordable

The fact is that, not all the bridal lobes are sold at the same price. For instance, you will find the long white lace robe for bridesmaid at a much higher expensive price than the rest. If you are the one making the budget, you must be a little bit keener to make sure you purchase the right number and quality of the lobes. However, if the amount available is not adequate for everyone, you can consider waiting until you get the right amount. This is important as everyone will have to get the bridal lobe. Anything done otherwise may spoil the wedding.

Get it from the ladies

One thing you need to be very careful about is the fact that you are not the one going to wear the dress and therefore, you must be very careful. If you choose the wrong type, you would have spoiled the entire wedding and therefore, you will have to carry the blame. Ladies are delicate people and this means that, you must be a bit more careful when they mention their tastes and preferences. Should you make a slight mistake, everything would have been ruined. You must ensure you avert from such. Therefore, take your time with the ladies and ask them what they really want.

The design and the color

If you want your wedding to be successful, you have to make it different from that of your neighbor. For instance, you have to look for bridal lobes that have adjustable belts and of the best color combination that can perfectly blend with the rest.

How can you Make your Wedding Glamorous Using Waffle Robes for Bridesmaids?

Purchasing wedding gifts for your bride and making the wedding party look magnificent is not an easy thing to do. For you to make them feel very special to you, you must put in some extra ordinary thought and care for your girls by making sure you get them top quality waffle robes for bridesmaids. With these availed, there is no other gift the bride could ask for. There is however lots of things that need to be considered in order to put smiles on those ladies’ faces since one wrong selection can easily ruin everything. Before you buy, consider the following ideas to help you avoid the petty mistakes.

Budget correctly   13_grande

One wrong step in your budget can cost you big. Therefore, you must ensure you get all the money needed before you go ahead and order the bridesmaids robes. If you avoid drafting a budget, you may end up with fewer robes than expected and all you would have done is to ruin the whole event.

Choose the right length

Normally, ladies have different heights. Choosing waffle robes for bridesmaids of the same size could therefore be a bad idea since most of them may not fit and therefore, everything would have been ruined. One must always take each lady’s height and make a special order when purchasing waffle robes for bridal party. If you go against this, you will have to blame yourself for ruining the bridal party.

Match the colors with those of curtains15_af72d924-cd47-4f6e-8a6c-196d003e96aa_grande

In every bridal party, there are curtains and flowers in each corner. Those who plan for it must consider matching the color and design of the waffle robes with that of curtains and flowers. This might look easy but it is a difficult thing to do if does not have the skills. However, you can get advice from any specialist near you or read it from the internet. When it comes to color, ensure they are all the same. However, you can choose to pick one or two different colors to bring  complement with other background colors.

Major factors to consider when buying a bridal lobe

Are you looking forward to a colorful wedding? If you just nodded your head, you have to start preparing on how you will acquire a fashionable bridal lobe. This is an important thing to consider because; the type of bridal chosen can affect the beauty of the entire event. If you want to purchase a white lace bridal lobe you should adhere to the following important factors:

The bride’s tastes and preferences

It is not guaranteed that it is the bride who will go to the market to make a perfect selection of the most impressive bridal lobe. In most cases, ladies like surprises and therefore, they would stay at home and send their partners to purchase them the brands. In such a case, you must first request them to explain to you their personal tastes and preferences with regards to the color and design. If you do it otherwise, the bride might be unhappy with it.

white lace bridal robe

The cost of the lobe

This can depend on the manufacturer and also to the quantity that you want to carry home. If you want to purchase more than one for example, you will have to pay a bit higher price. As you draft your budget, you must ensure it allows you to save some amount. Do not include everything you have into purchasing bridal lobes because there are still many other things you need to buy in order to improve the image of your wedding.

Quality of the material from which it is made

Getting top quality bridal waffle robes for bridesmaids is everyone’s desire. You must make sure you choose top quality white lace bridal robe or any other bridal lobes that can provide lifelong services. Choosing poor quality dresses can be much costly because you will have to make a new purchase once the ones you possess quickly get worn out.

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